Our mission

To champion justice for people most affected by climate change and violent conflict.

How We Do It

By educating the public on their power as constituents.

By educating politicians on the issues facing their districts, constituents, and nation.

How We See It

We are championing for a world in which the country, region, or family you are born into does not dictate the strides that you can make or the obstacles that, despite your might, you are able to overcome. That is global equality. It is a world in which climate change and violent conflict do not exist, and certainly do not drag down those least equipped to overcome them. Because, in our opinion, these man-made - might we add -  turmoils play a huge part in creating inequality and are only worsening the divide.


So, we are out here amplifying the voices of those courageous people attempting to battle the barriers placed in their paths by climate change and conflict and fighting to not be another statistic at the mercy of unfair situations.


Some days it feels as if global inequality is spiraling out of control, but we are here to educate you on how your single voice can collectively impact the world. Join us as we organize locally to disrupt injustice globally.


We humans created climate change and conflict and we humans must undo it.

Our Story

In 2007, Oxfam America founded the Oxfam Action Corps, a network of grassroots volunteers who worked tirelessly in more than a dozen U.S. cities to promote Oxfam’s campaigns and efforts on aid, food, and climate that would help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. For nine years, we championed over twenty campaigns by lobbying Congress in both DC and our home districts, mobilizing tens of thousands of people across the nation by collecting petition signatures, and by holding hundreds of public events to educate and empower the local communities. Through it all we grew our networks and strengthened our forces to fight for human rights, culminating in an unstoppable momentum of people power.


In the spring of 2016, Oxfam announced that in response to changing global realities, they would be restructuring internationally and ending the official Oxfam Action Corps program; however, we, the volunteers and grassroots organizers, choose to continue on and expand our work under a new banner. We regrouped and launched ourselves as Action Corps.

Our Present

We are dedicated to ending global inequality and are willing to blaze our own trail to accomplish this. Through our evaluation, we believe that championing justice for those most affected by climate disasters and violent conflict will help ensure we meet our goal. We began Action Corps in June 2016 as a fully volunteer-led initiative and remain that way today. Our passion for change is evident in this fact. We carry the weight of our campaigns, fundraising efforts, outreach, and challenges on our unpaid shoulders as we champion these efforts in our free time, attending to it around our full-time day jobs and responsibilities. It is nothing, however, compared to the weight that is born by those most affected by these issues. And that is what keeps us going.

Why You're Here

You want to make a difference, but you’re only one person. You want to volunteer more or attend protests, but they’re always when you’re at work. We are here to connect you to a national movement of regular Joes and Joannes who want to use their voice to agitate policy changes for the better. We are here to provide you with the raw facts of the issues and a simple explanation of how you can help, here and now.