What Interests You? 

How much time do you spend on social media? Be honest. How about using your online presence to affect change. Pressure or praise corporations based on their practices. Reach out to your Representatives; Facebook makes it really easy. Educate your friends and followers. Find and help connect us with groups focused on similiar missions. 

Enjoy reading up on and doing your own research on issues that interest you? Help us put together info on our next campaign focus. What is the problem, what is the root cause, what action can we take? 

Enjoy planning events or networking? Whether it's a dinner party in your living room to a happy hour with coworkers to a 100 person symposium, anything can be turned into an educational opportunity and change for people to Take Action. 

Watch a lot of CSPAN or read Politico? Seem more pissed off about the state of Washington than you have ever been before? Want to give them an earful? DO IT! Contact your local, state, and Federal officials. We can help you connect and provide talking points. 

Are you a graphic designer, coder, policy advisor, restaurant owner, assistant, or anything in between? It doesn't matter what you are, you have a skill that can be contributed and if you're visiting our website you also have a desire to do more. You can be a part of something different. There is no time or talent too small. Action Corps is run by volunteers who work full-time jobs and advocate on the side. Whether you have an hour a week or an hour a month, you can have an impact. 

Email us to find out more.