Standing with Young People in Calling for Climate Justice

Climate disasters like hurricanes, floods and droughts are becoming more and more common, and they are getting worse. They are already hurting the most vulnerable communities. This is a matter of justice, and we ask you to join us to stop the crisis and help the people who are struggling most.


Advocating with and for the People of Yemen

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Our advocates in NYC have been championing justice for the people of Yemen for almost two years now and they aren’t letting up any time soon. Here’s why they want you to take action with them.

Yemen is caught in the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and on the verge of famine after over three years of war and a de facto blockade at the country’s main port of Hodeida. Imports and emergency supplies have not been able to enter the country due to this ongoing blockade and multiple check points throughout the country, causing the costs of food, fuel, and other amenities to rise dramatically. As a result, over 22.2 million people – almost the entire population – are in need of humanitarian assistance.

In addition to being home to world’s largest looming famine, Yemen is now experiencing the world’s worst cholera outbreak on record, with 1.3 million suspected cases since April 2017. This outbreak is a result of both the blockage of fuel coming into the country, which is needed for systems that provide citizens with clean drinking water, and the bombing of water storage facilities. United States been used in several of the deadliest air raids by the Saudi-led coalition, including the August 9th attack on a school bus, leaving 40 children and 11 adults dead. Other attacks that were carried out with U.S. bombs include the bombing of a funeral hall in Sana’a, where 140 people were killed and 500 were injured, the bombing of the Mastaba Market, where 97 were killed, including 25 children, and a Doctors Without Borders Hospital, where 19 people were killed, and 24 were injured.


In addition to those killed by the violent conflict, 2.3 million people have also been displaced from their homes.


Action Corps NYC works with a coalition of groups, organizations, and volunteers to agitate and advocate for those impacted by this crisis. Action Corps urges members of Congress -- through congressional meetings, petitions, and rallies -- to withdraw U.S. support from the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Action Corps NYC activates constituents in key districts to pressure their representatives to cosponsor and vote for bills such as ones invoking the War Powers Act of Congress, pulling the U.S. out of this unconstitutional war.

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